Monday, January 5, 2009

Nothing Changes

No, nothing changes. The root of the financial mess in which we find ourselves is pretty much ignored by the Dems. The Republicans tried to warn the Democrats about the impending disaster approching but were called racists, among other things. Maxine Waters accused the Republicans of not wanting African Americans to be able to own houses.

At the forefront of the fiasco were Barney Frank and the pius, look down his nowe atcha Chris Dodd. You can be assured that with the Dems in charge, nothing will be done to Frank or Dodd. Dems are quick to out Republicans for the slightest infraction, or even perceived infraction. Yet, they do nothing to the Congressman from Louisiana with all the money in his freezer. He would still be up in DC were it not for the fact that the people in his own district had more sense than the House in that they booted him out. It is no wonder that Congress has such low approval ratings.

Nothing will happen to Chuckie Schemer, the socalled Senior Senator from New York, even though his big mouth caused a California bank to fold. Nothing changes, except that it gets worse as more liberals take office.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


It has been a while since I have 'posted' anything on here. I guess I was waiting to see if I would wake up from a bad dream but I guess reality has certainly set in.

The Democrats certainly have a dilemma in that Obama is so green, and I don't mean with envy. He is like a robot who can parrot the word change and this only conjures up dollar signs that could only be equaled by the Sugar Plum Ferry and his main agenda is to steer this country more toward socialism. I will have to admit that if a Democrat gets the Presidency, I would prefer Obama to Hillary. The reason for this is that Obama got in is that we know how naive he is and he would mess up big time and we would be assured of getting him out after one term, if not sooner, and get the country moving back in the right direction. The large majority in the congress which we will be stuck with in January of 2009, coupled with Obama will be a real disaster. We will be assured of another Republican revolution as happened in 1994. In a way, were Hillary to take over the oval office, things would be even worse since she knows how to cover things up, with the help of Bill. That gal has an ego which is only eclipsed by the size of her slacks. She thinks she is God's gift to America and nobody could run this country better than could she. Needless to say, the Dems don't give us any clear choice but then neither do the Republicans. I have heard that the Dems crossed over to give us McCain and if that be true they gave us some of our own medicine.

Okay, if McCain should win the presidency, he might nominate conservatives to the Supreme Court, but with the many Dems in the Senate, the person couldn't get approved. McCain isn't strong on enforcing the borders and he is against moving toward energy dependence. He thinks too much like the Congress who would rather be at the mercy of third world oil suppliers than to look to our own resources. All I can say is that the next four years should be interesting what with watching Hillary trying to sabotage Obama so that she can try once again to get her turn at bat which in her mind she so richly deserves. The only difference will be that instead of telling us of her fabled thirty five years experience, it will be thirty nine years of hard work. Oh well, I have to go pinch myself and hope that this long drawn out campaign was all just a bad dream.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Slim Pickins'

No, this isn't about the country guy of the same name. It is about the candidates running for president.

First, on the Republican side, there is John McCain who started in his early career in the Senate as a conservative but as the years have gone by he has mellowed as some Democrats might say. In reaching across the aisle he has abandoned many of the conservative principles he once might have had. Although he is up in years, he does have a lot of experience in foreign affairs, not to be confused with the local affairs of Bill Clinton. He has a great record in the Navy and is to be commended for that. I guess considering everything, he is the best of the lot now that the pickins have slimmed out. Mike Huckabee is nipping at his heels and although he purports to be a great conservative and he has executive experience, having been a governor but he is so far behind that there is no way he could catch up. Of course, if you want to talk about far behind, there is Ron Paul, WHO? Yes, he is that guy who is so far back that people haven't even bothered to asked him to drop out of the race. Imagine how this must hurt his feelings since they were already bruised from the debate where nobody solicited his opinion. He is probably in there because of the pot load of money he collected cannot be used in his campaign to retain his seat in Congress.

When you look at the Democrats, it really a case of empty suits. Barack is a great orator and charmer. Must be almost to the extent of Frank Sinatra back in the 40's with the Bobby Soxers swooned and fainted and Barack doesn't even sing. This is his strong point and he really knows how to get a crowd worked up. Maybe he should have been a preacher. It has been said that he will not salute the American flag or wear a flag pin. He has told people that he doesn't want to be called a liberal or have people used his middle name or make fun of his ears. When some of his many supporters have been asked about his accomplishments you get things like; 'he is the first serious African American candidate for president' which might be a first but surely not an accomplishment. He is so liberal that by comparison, Hillary looks like a conservative. Speaking of Hillary, I guess we can't refer to her as an empty suit since her suit seems to be filled out in all the right, and wrong places but let us not criticize people's looks. We will be like people who didn't like Rush Limbaugh and called him a fat guy. Getting back to Hillary, if she is still in the running by the time I post this thing; in the earlier days of the campaign she would burst out with her characteristic silly laugh when asked a question to which she had not had time to formulate a proper answer. Like the time that Tim Russert asked her is she still believed that there was a 'right wing conspiracy and her answer took some thought but was proceeding by a Hillary laugh. Since that time she has began to sound like a broken record as she starts out EVERY answer with YA KNOW? and most of these answers insert the famous 35 year experience bit. She would lead us to believe that she is somehow following destiny to be our leader.

Oh well, to sum it up, I guess all in all, I guess John McCain is the fattest of the slim pickins' when all is said and done.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cease to be Amazed

I hardly ever cease to be amazed at the audacity of our elected officials. The latest thing is so-called SUPER delegates? It is a case of the tail once again wagging the dog. I was mistakenly under the impression that these clowns were elected to serve the people who elected them to office and yet they tell US what is best for us.

These stupid, oh, excuse me, SUPER delegates tell us who we were supposed to vote for even if it isn't the person we chose. The term 'super delegate' just tells us how they place themselves above us and what a big ego problem they have. One of the supers is none other than Bill Clinton and it it comes to a time when these guyz make a choice you might think that Clinton would disqualify himself from a vote since his 'better half? is one of the candidates. It will be a cold day on the equator before this would happen.

If it ends up that Hillary is on the short end of the stick and these holier than thou clowns give HER the not, there will surely be a big hassle in the Democratic Party.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Here is a quick but thought provoking idea. Back in 1961 in the days of Camelot, Jackie Kennedy set fashion styles with her pillbox hats and her Oleg Cassini fashions. Many women felt compelled to emulate her. This also held true in later years with Diana.

This brings up a good question and that is, were Hillery to be elevated to the Oval Office would the like minded women follow HER fashion sense? Would we then see a preponderance of women parading around in baggy pants suits? I don't imagine that this would come about but then were she to be elected, then, just about anything could be possible. Then again, she said that she had served eight years in the White House and she wasn't referring to cookies and milk.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Out of Step?

I will never understand the popularity of American Idol. I have heard that there are several reasons why people watch this. One is that they like to laugh at the lack of talent the contestants show. Another stupid reason is that they like to hear that no talent Simon insult the people. At least on the Gong Show they didn't add insult to injury by humiliating the contestants after their feeble effort. Well, at least, not as much.

There is so little talent and new ideas on TV that people have gotten accustomed to mindless entertainment. It doesn't say much positive about the standard of television. Oh, I realize that there are a lot of hours to fill but back in 1961, Newton Minnow, then chairman of the Federal Communication Commission said that TV was a vast wasteland. Were he to compare 1961 television fare with that of 2008 he would surely cut his eyes around if he is still alive and if he is no longer with us, he must be turning over in his grave.

In days past we were treated to Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour and Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts, neither put raw no talent people in front of a national audience. Oh well, at least there is a remote control with which you can select some other mindless choice on your TV screen. I don't imagine that HD will help the TV screen but might even make it worse.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Questions They Won't Ask

Has anyone ever noticed that the news media seldom asks some of the great questions? I think that one reason for this is that if a candidate thinks that a certain network or newsman is hostile and tries to put them on a spot, they will avoid future interviews and no network wants to be left out in the cold.

Here are a couple of examples; when Bill Clinton is extolling the virtues of his candidate wife have you ever heard anyone ask him how can he expect us show respect for her when he never has. If he thought so much of her, why did he do all of that running around on her. Hey, maybe he wants her to win so that he can be 'first man' and have more free time to pursue interns in the White House.

Another question I have never heard anybody ask the Clinton's is to confirm or deny what we have had heard about them charging the Secret Service ten thousand dollars a month to guard then, thereby having the US taxpayers in effect make their mortgage payments. In the early days of the Clinton presidency, they complain how poor they were and now they tout how wealthy they are and if so you might think that they could pay for some of their own Secret Service protection. Along that line, look at all the years the taxpayers footed the bill for Lady Bird Johnson's protection and of course she was no pauper.